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Shave this head 11-November-2000 (Saturday)

So I finally get my statistics package installed on this site, and I wander through the amazing information that it gives me. There is one thing that gives me pause to think. There are about 15 visits from people who searched for a combination of the words "shaved my head", "my head shaved", "shaving my head" Now don't get me wrong or anything, but seriously folks, that is bizzare behaviour.


I am the king of the world 10-November-2000

I am so the king of the world. Damo ICQ's me this morning and launches into a tirade against the inadequacies of the whole concept of time. Seems he woke up early and gypped himself out of a few extra hours sleep. I must admit I was a little shocked to see him blip alive so early in the morning but hell who am I to ask questions, besides I was wiping the brown off my computer screen. Nothing worse than laughing Coke (diet for anyone who cares) out of your nose.

But he and I, we are kings tonight. We are going out, a few beers and amazing food. That's the simple yet hopefully effective plan. I have visions of this evening through the haze of client presentations, justifications and that empty feeling of not having an immediate project to be getting on with. The evening will spindle itself around the core of relief that the limited freedom of the weekend brings.


Which brown is better? 9-November-2000

I haven't had a coffee for over a week now. My employer supplies us with a steady supply of what I loathe to call "soda pop". So I've been doing the Pepsi challenge, except with Coke. Which is better? The full fat death by 12 teaspoons of sugar Classic Coke or the Sweeter than Sugar phenylalanine enhanced Phenyketonuric killing diet coke?

After trying both and slamming down a Fanta (fizzed by Frank) in between - there is less fizz in a Fanta than in a Solo for anyone who wants that whole slam it down fast sugar and orange rush that's your drink - So after trying both Diet and Classic Coke, my conclusion is that my teeth have been doomed to a craggy, rotten hell, and that we really only drink this brown stuff because it makes us feel good, not because of its taste. I'm beginning to think the best way of getting my caffeine is through a mainline drip.


Missing this? 8-November-2000

I miss the trembling of fingers. You know when you are so excited about something that your fingers become hypersensitive and your whole hand begins to shake. The thought of feeding the input from the nerve sensors in your fingers, the soft zephyr like tingle moving from your palms all the way up your arm, through your spine into your brain. To mingle the physical within that interpretive engine to lock away the sensations so you can bring them back later. It is the excitement prior to the touch that makes the moment . . . I miss that.


The curse of eternal youth 6-November-2000

I have been told that the ability to play is a sign of youth. In that time before maturity young animals are receptive to new ideas to new sensations. They seek novelty because a breadth of experience will help them better adapt to new situations as they reach maturity. Maturity then must be some state in which an animal has become set in its ways. They have developed patterns of behaviour and found a social level, a social status (for social animals - not solitary animals) that provides a stable platform on which relationships between animals in a group can be developed.

I was watching this show on dogs last night, and it seems the domesticated dog has through the process of domestication been retarded in its full social development. This show suggested that pet dogs reach the maturity level of a one-year-old wolf throughout their lifetimes. Thus they are always dependent on their owners and always happy to please them.

Sometimes I wonder if modern society is domesticating people like myself, turning us into perpetual youths, novelty seeking, positionless in the overall social strata, devoid of responsibility. I wonder if it will be possible for some of us to one day step away from that youthful playpen and step into some seemingly less selfish and more responsible role.