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Week 9

Shave this head 11-November-2000 (Saturday)
I am the king of the world 10-November-2000
Which brown is better? 9-November-2000
Missing this? 8-November-2000
The curse of eternal youth 6-November-2000

Week 8

Toldja Stephen 5-November-2000 (Saturday-Sunday)
In Sickness and in health 3-November-2000
I'm Back 2-November-2000 3 days in Canberra (work)

Week 7

The Move 28-October-2000 (Saturday)
Snippets of psyche 27-October-2000
Coloured vision 24-October-2000
Physical versus Mental, reflections on Sunday 23-October-2000

Week 6

What we have here is a failure to communicate 21-October-2000 Saturday
Like the corners of my mind 20-October-2000
Grey and Black 18-October-2000
Out on a limb - flame away. 17-October-2000
Figured out 15-October-2000 Sunday

Week 5

Fragments of a trip 14-October-2000 Saturday (1Wk New Zealand)

Week 4

Aria, the food is like a symphony 6-October-2000
It's Over! 5-October-2000
Hmmm, I promise 4-October-2000
Is it a wank? 4-October-2000
Speed kills 3-October-2000
It's over 2-October-2000
Pack up your troubles Sunday 1-October-2000

Week 3

I've been in New Zealand (1wk) Saturday 30-September-2000
Huzzaaahhah! 21-September-2000
Doppelgangers 20-September-2000
And then I woke up 20-September-2000
Olympic event 19-September-2000
Is that a tic I see before me? 18-September-2000

Week 2

I am disturbed 17-September-2000 Sunday
What's in the case? 16-September-2000 Saturday
Work rant - Conservatism and creativity 15-September-2000
Ouch - brain squash 14-September-2000
I'm such a dick sometimes. 13-September-2000
A little help? I got a problem with my time. 12-September-2000
My desk a disaster movie? 11-September-2000

Week 1

Beaches 10-September-2000
I knew there was a good reason 10-September-2000
I really shouldn't drink 9-September-2000
How embarrassment :P 8-September-2000
Who's scary? 8-September-2000
A plague on both your houses 8-September-2000
Winna 7-September-2000
Whassat? 7-September-2000
Carded! 6-September-2000
A bit of Sloth 6-September-2000
Neighbor alert! 5-September-2000
A new beginning 5-September-2000